Hello there!

I am Shayini, a Computer Engineering student,

from Singapore.

While on one hand I am coding on a regular basis,

I have decided to blog on the other.

Through transforming…

My new blog series:


I grew up watching a lot of Tamil movies. A common theme in most of them was the normalized act of a man hitting a woman. He has the right to do so, because he’s the father, brother, husband or boyfriend of that wronged woman. Usually, the reasons to hit her will be justified dramatically,Continue reading “Thappad”

2 Months to 20

Life just moves by so quickly, doesn’t it? Tough times seem to take forever to end. Some happy moments promise not to end very soon. And yet, when we look back on the years which have passed, don’t we all feel like time just flies, not waiting for anyone to indulge in the moments? OhContinue reading “2 Months to 20”

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