5 Things To Do on Weekends

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Weekends have always been a getaway period in my life. I’m sure it applies to you as well. After a long, tiring week full of assignments, projects, deadlines, submissions, and whatnot, all I look forward to in a week are the weekends.

Weekends present a great opportunity to sleep in without feeling guilty, to watch my favorite shows as long as I want to, and to be able to just stare into space, thinking nothing. I love solitude.

In this post, I will be sharing 5 things you could do on weekends, or should be already doing. Most of these are basic habits that our parents would have probably nagged us to follow, but as we grow up, we also grow out of these. At least, I had. But it’s only awhile till we realize how much we lose as we grow yeah?

Now to the 5 Things…

1. Sleepy Sleepy, Wakey Head!

Catch up on your sleep. On a daily basis, we should get sufficient sleep, whatever amount that suits us. But how many of us are getting a bare minimum of 6 hours, of good sleep? For students especially, it is getting tougher as we grow older, to sleep well. But at least during the weekends, all of us could try to get quality sleep.

Sleep earlier than you usually do, even a duration of 1 hour will make a difference. And just because you sleep earlier, don’t give yourself the leniency to sleep in. Well, you can. But try waking up an hour or two earlier than usual. Trust me, it works magic on your system. You would feel more refreshed, productive and would more likely want to do something fruitful for the day.

2. Sayonara, Technology

Break up with all your tech devices. Just for the weekend. Well, it’s definitely easier said than done. But is it impossible? Nope. Definitely possible.

It was not easy for me to let go of my laptop on weekends, because one, I constantly worry about my projects, which are ALL in my laptop. Thus, I always at least try to take a peek into the files. But lately, I have started not to bother my laptop in the mornings. And then in the afternoon, I tell myself, “I’ll check later, surely before sleeping.”. And somehow, I have managed not to use it for one whole day. This is usually just for Saturdays. On Sundays, it is quite inevitable not to grab the sleek device and start typing away. So, I limit the amount of time I spend. That’s the least I could do for my eyes yeah.

But for most of us, to keep away our phones is a tougher mission. I mean, after 5 days of slaving away at work or school (for some of us, both), the bare minimum we could do to enjoy is watch YouTube videos or our go-to shows on our phones. However, that is where most of us are mistaken. The best thing we could do on weekends is to give our phones a break. The poor devices work so hard during the week to bring entertainment, information, so on and so forth to our fingertips. Let’s give them a break during the weekend, shall we? Also, our eyes and mind could afford a break once in awhile…

3. Bring out your Inner Chef

Cook a heartfelt meal for yourself.

I am fortunate that my mother cooks amazing meals for our family everyday. On some days, I eat takeouts. But when I cook for myself, the experience in itself, is unique. Experimentation is my forte, especially when it comes to cooking. To each of us, cooking could mean something different. For me, it is an opportunity where I could experiment with the ingredients according to the mood I am in during that time.

This weekend, I was craving for some comfort food. Also, I didn’t want to spend much time and effort. So the instant solution; 2 packets of instant noodles.

But I feel like eating some crunchy onions along with it. Thus I made stir-fried noodles, which became a little oilier than I prefer. That did not deter the experience as the spices and veggies with hot, fried noodles sizzled in my mouth as soon as I took the first bite. I know my mum would have made me a much tastier meal. It would have been healthier too. However, the feeling of cooking myself a meal, the way I wanted to; occasionally cowering away from the stove in fear, yet still cooking up a decent afternoon meal was a special experience.

And for you, it could be a different experience; cooking could hold a distinct meaning in your heart. You may not have the time to cook proper food during the weekdays. And you may not always have the time and heart to cook on weekends either. But when you do, don’t miss the opportunity.

Because when you prepare food for yourself, you will consciously add ingredients that you like, perhaps try to experiment with them. Sometimes you may not like your end result. The experience though, you will be grateful for it, if not at that time, some other time surely.

4. Go on a journey with… Books


Not newspapers, if you have a habit of reading them daily, in general.


Fiction, non-fiction, science-fiction, etc.

Read books.

I am an avid book reader. Even if you do not like reading, you could give it a shot.

Reading has personally helped me to get through a lot of tough times. I love the fact that I get to live through different dimensions, universes, gain new perspectives each time I read a new book. Re-reading books is a totally different experience, but that is for another blog post.

By reading, you get to spend some quality time, gaining priceless insights. You may not be able to dedicate a good amount of time to read from Mondays to Fridays, so why not on the weekends? It will be a great way to spend your Saturdays and Sundays. And you could get free companions as well.

5. Time for some Cleaning

Clean and organize your living space. This does not have to include your entire house. But more of the place you spend most time in.

I study, work, read, sometimes eat in my room. On most occasions, I tend to be ignorant about how unclean my room could get. In fact, I do not realize it until I see a fly visiting my room.

It would be best to clean your room every day. However, deep-cleaning? Not so feasible on a daily basis.

Thus, allocating some time during the weekend to cleanse and polish up your space would help you create the best environment you could give yourself to be most productive, and safe. Especially during a pandemic like the one we’re going through right now, it is very crucial to take good care of our space. Thus, remember to disinfect as well.


There are more than 5 things we could do on our weekends. However, I believe the 5 things I have shared with you in this post, will be helpful in rejuvenating and taking good care of yourself over the weekend. After all, we deserve a break once in a while. And a lot of us are fortunate to get weekends off. So let’s make good use of them, and enter the new week in our best form.

Thank you for reading this post.

Let me know what you think of these 5 I have mentioned, and what you do on weekends.

Take care. Stay safe.


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