2 Months to 20

Life just moves by so quickly, doesn’t it? Tough times seem to take forever to end. Some happy moments promise not to end very soon. And yet, when we look back on the years which have passed, don’t we all feel like time just flies, not waiting for anyone to indulge in the moments?

Oh well, I have a motto.


And no matter what, I try to at least practice it. It is quite difficult when I’m filled with worries about studies, career and dealing with the existential crisis at times. But we live one life, so why not make the best out of each moment?

With less than 2 months to my 20th birthday, I am planning to do a lot of activities which I don’t usually do, or am in the process of getting comfortable with. The initial plan (made in 2019) was to spend 2020 venturing into various new aspects that I would like to in my teen life before entering my 20s from the following year.

But the virus got in the way.

Joking. The virus has only made me want to do these things with more vigor.

Fast forward to end-November, I am nowhere near completing the list. However, some goals which I have accomplished truly mean a great deal. I am comfortable spending time alone now, and beyond that, have recognized and embraced my nature of loving my solitude.

I have also made efforts to connect with my friends on a deeper level, something that I didn’t bother doing in the past.

The funniest thing though, is the fact that I own a YouTube channel now (on which I have uploaded 4 videos already) and am actually blogging my thoughts on an online platform. These two weren’t even on my list to do this year, or anytime I guess.

Now I want to do some other things before I turn 20. And this ‘2 Months to 20’ blog series will contain my experiences and memories made during this time.

I don’t know what is in store for me in the next two months.

Am I nervous?


Am I excited?

Heck yeah!

After all, life is ’bout venturing

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Take care and stay safe people.

Here is a photo (taken by me), when I visited Jewel @ Changi Airport last weekend. May you get some fresh waterfall vibes as well 😊

Weekend at Jewel
My Study Vlog on YouTube

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