Procrastination and My Comfort Zone…

Being a procrastinator has been my part-time job for a few years. Life is challenging, so I procrastinate. I have lived by that motto for as long as I can remember. What comforts me is knowing I am not alone in this web of chronic procrastination. A lot of people I know, do go throughContinue reading “Procrastination and My Comfort Zone…”

5 Things To Do on Weekends

Weekends have always been a getaway period in my life. I’m sure it applies to you as well. After a long, tiring week full of assignments, projects, deadlines, submissions, and whatnot, all I look forward to in a week are the weekends. Weekends present a great opportunity to sleep in without feeling guilty, to watchContinue reading “5 Things To Do on Weekends”